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Windows & Android

About the downloads

Our backgammon games are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, both 32 and 64 bit releases, and do not need special hardware or software requirements. You can download the currently available versions, as installation executables, from the following links. For our Android backgammon game, the link opens in a new window the application page from the Google Play store.

All these executable files were previously tested for viruses and malware at, and the respective engines did not detect any of the files as being malicious.


 Backgammon Classic

   Version 7.2

 Backgammon Classic Pro

   Version 8.5

 Backgammon Classic Pro

   Version 8.4


   Version 2.0

 Backgammon Classic 3D

   Version 2.1.0


Install the game (windows game case) in a new folder and launch it. You can run it ten times and play an unlimited number of games, having all of the game options enabled. After this trial period please purchase a registration in order to continue improving your skills and having more fun. Do not hesitate to inform us if a download link does not work anymore or to send your suggestions and observations.

Backgammon links

Here are a few links to useful backgammon resources: General information about this game, history, rules, variants from Wikipedia and a backgammon forum hosted by Google Groups. Please do not hesitate to recommend us links to valuable backgammon websites in order to complete this list.


Wikipedia pages
Backgammon forum